De la Ressemblance

2015 — 24′52″ — HD

This film was shown at the Villa Medici (Roma) during the retrospective of the Balthus’s work (October 2015-January 2016), at the invitation of Cécile Debray, the exhibition curator.
It is the occasion for François Rouan to revisit his Roman years, and the space that took and still take in his life, the work, the studio (where he was often admitted, rare privilege) and the person of Balthus.
It is also a way to pay tribute to Brigitte Courme, photographer and engraver, who performed at the Balthus’s request many photographies of his sitters, Katia and Michelina. Her photographs were widely used by Balthus, to produce both drawings and paintings.

Extract from De la Ressemblance: