Bernard Noël à Laversine

2010-2012 — 18′53″ — HD

This three-part film revisits the artist’s work with the poet Bernard Noël, which was the subject of two books, Ce jardin d’encre / Este jardin de tinta and Le chemin d’encre / طريقُ المدَاد. Photographic works exploring the theme of the feminine accompany the poet’s voice and his face, calling for a politics of the body. This project has its source in the friendship which bonds the artist and the poet. At the heart of the film is a text, written and read by François Rouan, a tribute to the poet and the landscape in which he lived. The poet’s voice is intermingled with those of young actresses: these partitions serve to underline the interweaving of languages, both books having been translated (one into Spanish, the other into Arabic).

Extract from Bernard Noël à Laversine: