2008 — Set of 2 volumes — 215 × 182 mm
Éditions Galilée

Rouan le peintre

152 pages

Rouan le peintre was written by Dominique Cordellier following the exhibition Primatice, Maître de Fontainebleau, held at the Louvre Museum in 2004. The exhibition showcased works by François Rouan (encaustic paintings, panels of photographic works, and a film entitled Di sotto in su): these were presented in counterpoint to works by the Italian master. The volume presents a biography of the artist, following the model of Vasari’s (1550, 1568) Lives of the Artists, followed by an inventory of the (living) artist’s workshop. The story is illustrated by photographic overprinting.

Tombeau de Francesco Primaticcio

120 pages

This volume brings together most of the studies (encaustic paintings, photographs and photograms of the films Di sotto in su and Le Petit Objet) which accompanied the original installation entitled Le Tombeau de Francesco Primaticcio (2004-2006). The postface was written by Dominique Cordellier. The works include twelve encaustic paintings, nine silver print photographs (reworked with wax), and three photographic friezes: they belong to a collection held at the musée ‘les Abattoirs’ in Toulouse.