François Rouan à Compiègne

2018 — 256 pages — 225 × 165 mm (closed)
Published by Guttklein Fine Art in partnership with the artist

This catalogue accompanies two exhibitions in Compiègne: “D’un château à l’autre” (at the Palais) and “Les yeux grands ouverts, François Rouan & le vitrail”, at the Espace Saint-Pierre des Minimes. It includes texts by Brigitte Hedel-Samson, Claire Salles, Évelyne Lerouge, Véronique David, and Benoît Marq, and a DVD recording of the two films shown as part of the exhibitions, “L’envers des corps” (at the Palais) and “Saint-Jean-aux-Bois” (at the Espace Saint-Pierre des Minimes).
If you wish to purchase this catalogue and accompanying DVD (price: €35), please contact the publisher cadastre8zéro using the following email address: